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Markedly is an all-round IP firm that assists its clients on an international level. We master all aspects of trademark and design law.

Unieke designs tegen namaak beschermen

In 2007 begon de Nederlandse ontwerpster Anke van der Endt een eigen designstudio aan de Nieuwe Prinsengracht in Amsterdam. ‘Pip Studio’ ging het heten, Anke’s bijnaam tijdens haar jeugd. Onder het motto ‘Happy products for happy people’ creëerde ze in 15 jaar een wereldmerk met meer dan 2.000 verkooppunten in ruim 40 landen. Pip Studio staat voor designs met respect voor traditie, liefde voor nieuwe technieken en aandacht voor details. Designs ook die opvallen en daarom tegen goed tegen namaak beschermd moeten worden. Markedly adviseert Pip Studio daarin en houdt bovendien goed in de gaten dat merk design ook daadwerkelijk uniek blijven.

Our expertise

Een allround IE-kantoor dat zijn cliënten in de breedte en in de diepte bijstaat. Wij beheersen alle aspecten van het merk- en modellenrecht.


Our work focuses, among other things, on the registration of trademarks and design rights. That may seem like a fairly straightforward offering, but do you know where your company will be in ten years' time? In which countries you will be active? And what implications could that have for your trademark or design rights? We think ahead and use our international network to register your trademarks and models anywhere in the world.


Owning and protecting a trademark is not possible without occasionally encountering legal conflicts. We come prepared by considering worst-case scenarios, delving into foreign legislation and of course European case law. After all, preparation is half the battle. The other half? Solving the conflict for our clients with the right legal approach, where needed in association with the excellent litigators and patent attorneys in our network.

Availability Searches

Creating a trademark is the very first step, but the legal requirements must also be met. Is the trademark sufficiently distinctive? Not misleading? Is it available? This requires specialist research. We conduct thorough searches into each prospective trademark, research prior trademarks and tradenames and investigate what may stand in the way of registering the desired trademark.

Legal Agreements

A trademark right can be extremely valuable. Trademark rights can be licensed and sold and serve as collateral for a business loan. A license, transfer or pledge can normally only be invoked against third parties if the underlying agreement is registered in the trademark register. Preparing and recording these agreements demands expertise. We gladly take this task off our client’s hands, where needed in association with a notary public or law firm.

Portfolio Management

Managing large international trademark and design portfolios can be complex work. How do you keep track of what exactly has been registered and in which jurisdictions? That a competitor is preparing to introduce a logo which bears more than a passing resemblance to your own logo? We work with specialized software to detect everything that may harm your interests. Together with our associated offices abroad, we take appropriate action where needed.

Due Diligence

Good insight into one’s own intellectual property position is important for the valuation of a company. Entrepreneurs often only find out these details if they wish to sell their company, make an acquisition or require financing. One of our specialisms is to deliver such details. Last but not least we assist with the recordal of mergers, acquisitions, liens and licensing contracts in the relevant registers.

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