About Markedly

Professional, without the red tape and overhead of a large office. With the added advantage that our fees are very competitive.

They form a substantial part of our client base: entrepreneurs who have founded and successfully developed their own company. Who have also taken care of all intellectual property matters entirely by themselves. This does raise the question: at what point in time does one switch to professional support in the IP field?

An estimated 40 percent of companies have not taken good care of their intellectual property affairs. While trademarks, designs and patents represent the goodwill of a company. No matter how skillful an entrepreneur may be in his/her own field, in order to adequately protect that value, specialists are needed.


Markedly advises and assists its clients in registering and enforcing trademark and design rights. At home, as well as abroad. So that our clients can fully focus on their business.

Vast experience

The times when one had to retain a big firm for IP matters are well behind us. Markedly employs experts with years of experience. Who have assisted multinationals in the development of their global IP portfolio. Who have guided start-ups in registering their designs and trademarks and advise on how can get the best value-for-money. Who prefer a personal approach and direct lines with the client. Our clients consider us to be proactive, professional and straightforward.