Privacy Statement Markedly B.V.


The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR / AVG) requires organizations to clearly inform what is happening with their personal data. This privacy policy clarifies how Markedly B.V. deals with personal and contact details and the reasons therefor.

  1. General

In order to be able to perform our services properly and efficiently, we process personal and contact details. We use this data in the context of our (legal) services and related (administrative) services.

  1. Personal and contact details

Personal and contact details are all data that can be traced back to you as a person. This can be the case directly or indirectly. The relevant data may consist of names, gender, (mail) addresses, telephone numbers, copy of passport, bank and payment data or data in the Trade Register such as Chamber of Commerce numbers.

  1. For whom do we process the personal and contact details

The data that we process, such as storing and consulting that data, concerns people with whom we have an agreement, with whom we work, indirectly (have had) a relationship, want to enter into a relationship or other people with whom we maintain contact. The data relates in particular to personal data of (contact persons at) our existing clients. This can also be data of persons working at counterparties, clients or relations. We also collect data for the purpose of processing a job application.

  1. Data acquisition

We obtain personal and contact details directly from clients, from contacts at our clients, clients or relations. We also obtain data indirectly, such as through third parties or from external sources, such as Trademarks and Designs registers, domain name registers or the Trade Register of the Chamber of Commerce.

  1. Purpose of data processing

We process personal and contact details in the context of providing our (legal) services. This means that we use this data to maintain contact when executing an agreement in which we have been instructed to provide our services. This may include the use of personal or contact details in the case of:- establishing an IP right, such as when preparing and submitting a trademark or design application;- transfer, licensing or pledging of an IP right, such as when drawing up a deed; maintaining or defending an IP right, such as conducting oppositions or litigation; drawing up and submitting a signed Power of Attorney;- submitting a copy of a


passport for the purpose of establishing, maintaining, defending or amending an IP right. notes of interview reports;- prepare and send invoices. We also process data in order to establish and maintain contact in the context of marketing activities, such as sending newsletters or invitations to seminars, and in the context of CRM activities.

  1. Exchange of information

Our employees consult your data only in the context of performing their duties that are necessary to perform the services of an IP advisory firm as well as possible or in any case to comply with the assignment agreement. We will not provide your information to third parties without your permission unless we are required to do so by virtue of a legal provision or unless such information is necessary for the performance of the assignment agreement, such as:- to courier companies for sending documents;- to notary offices for notarizing or legalizing documents;- to authorities or authorities when submitting a trademark or design application or requesting registration of a domain name; to authorities or authorities, counterparties or their representatives, or law firms in the defense or enforcement of an IP right or domain names, such as in correspondence, opposition proceedings, lawsuits;- to third parties in the context of investigating an IP right or the use thereof.

  1. Termination of data retention and assurance

Markedly will keep the registered personal and contact details no longer than necessary for the purpose for which this data was obtained. Unless a legal regulation obliges us to keep the data in question for longer, we will delete it at the latest two years after the termination of the business relationship or immediately after your request to delete the data.  We remove personal and contact details we have received within the context of application procedures within 2 months of completing the procedure. Previous unless we have received explicit permission to keep the data longer (up to the maximum duration of 1 year).Naturally we ensure proper protection against infringement by third parties. We have engaged IT suppliers for the maintenance and management of our IT environment. We have carefully selected these suppliers and made clear agreements with them about security. If it should happen that third parties gain unauthorized access to your data, this will be reported to the Dutch Data Protection Authority.

  1. Your rights

You have the right to view your data at all times. If data has been obtained with permission, then you have the right to withdraw this permission. In addition, you have the right to have your data corrected or deleted by us at any time. You may contact Markedly B.V. to this end via

  1. Complaints

If you have complaints or comments about the way in which we treat your data, please contact us via You also have the right to submit a complaint to the Dutch Data Protection Authority.


  1. Changes

We reserve the right to amend this Privacy Policy. We therefore advise you to review the content regularly. The current version will be available on our website and can be consulted there.

  1. Textual differences between Dutch and English

In the event of a discrepancy between the Dutch and English texts of these regulations, the Dutch text will be binding.



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